Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Redistribution of money to the poor does not restore dignity.

Meeting with workers, Largo Carlo Felice, Cagliari, 22 Septermber 2013

Note in the speech given by Pope Francis to workers in Largo Carlo Felice, Cagliari (Italian island), that the call is not for redistribution of income, rather it is a call for work, for jobs. People without jobs are people without hope, to do no more than give them money is an affront to their dignity as human beings. And note that the idea is not to force them to work rather than simply giving them money, the idea is that working for oneself and one's family brings a nobility of spirit, a measure of justifiable pride that simply receiving a welfare check cannot.
People were not made to work.
Work exists so that people may become complete, more fully human.

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